PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Sat Mar 23 06:30:01 UTC 2019 Wholesale energy prices on the rise Hartford Business Journal Prices increased for both electricity and natural gas, with both rising by double-digit percentages. The two are closely linked, as the six-state region relies heavily on natural gas-fired power plants. 2019-03-19 7.1 MW Community Solar-Plus-Storage Farm Completed In MA Solar Industry "Community solar offers landowners the opportunity to receive additional revenue by leasing their land for solar. It also opens the benefits of solar to residents who do not own their own home or do not have a roof that works for solar. The subscribers for this project can see up to a 10% savings on their utility bill." Time for CT to get its community solar program up and running. 2019-03-19 Connecticut's solar panel industry presses for change in state law it sees as threat to its existence Hartford Courant Tim Schneider, co-owner of Earthlight Technologies, an Ellington installer of solar panels that employs 69 workers, said if changes are not made to last year's law, 'I'll be laying off half my crew.' 2019-03-19 Groups push to stop state from taking clean energy funds The Day "We are pursuing the legal case, but legislators could take action right now to halt the damage the raids are doing to Connecticut families and businesses. 2019-03-19 At New London's State Pier, wind power gives Connecticut its next economic development opportunity Hartford Courant It's a blessing of geography and timing. New London is perfectly positioned to be the wind power hub in Connecticut, okay? 2019-03-19 CT bill would help towns buy their streetlights New Haven Register If the town [Hamden] bought the lights, it could save close to $700,000, Crowder said, basing her estimates on other towns that have done it in Eversource’s service area. If the town converted to LED lights after taking them over, the savings would be even greater. 2019-03-19 Regulators fine energy business $1.5 million as state lawmakers debate industry regulations Hartford Courant The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority said Direct Energy has made misleading statements as part of its marketing, citing as examples kilowatt hours being billed, misrepresented savings and early termination fees. 2019-03-07 Tesla, Car Dealers Return For Fifth Round CT News Junkie "Currently, direct from the manufacturer car sales are not allowed in Connecticut. That means companies like Tesla and a small number of electric car manufacturers are unable to sell their vehicles in Connecticut. 2019-03-07 Connecticut Advocate Backs 'Green Energy' Job Training Bill in Congress CT News Junkie "When we enhance the ability of our businesses to invest in employees, and when we as a nation invest in our youth in a way that prepares them to meaningfully contribute to the energy economy of the future, we all win," Leticia Colon de Mejias told members of the House Commerce and Energy Committee. 2019-03-07 Efficiency and renewables are energy's rice and beans CT Mirror Efficiency and renewable energy sources work together — like rice and beans, which when combined work together to form a complete protein, and gives you benefits neither can alone. 2019-03-07 Connecticut Siting Council Reopens Application for Second Power Plant in Killingly ecoRI News The way forward isn't building more fossil fuel plants in communities already struggling with asthma and air pollution and increasing our over-reliance on fossil fuels...Instead, it's finding ways to grow solar, wind, and efficiency projects that also improve grid resiliency and generate local job growth. 2019-03-07 Compost heat recovery helps cut costs, boost revenue for Connecticut farm Energy News Network Dairy farms produce a lot of manure, and that's a missed opportunity in terms of energy capturing. 2019-02-19 Eversource pays $225M for stake in offshore wind farm Hartford Business Journal "Revolution Wind's 700-megawatt wind farm, about 15 miles south of the Rhode Island coast, will deliver power to the Ocean State and Connecticut." Is Eversource now an ally in promoting more offshore wind for CT? 2019-02-19 Swarm of homes with solar-battery systems poised to act as 'virtual power plant' in New England MassLive A network of around 5,000 solar- and battery-equipped homes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont could soon be funneling power back into the grid at times when it's most needed. 2019-02-19 New Hampshire regulators approve utility-owned residential Tesla battery pilot Utility Dive The important question for NH regulators is whether the utility can show " can cost-effectively reduce system peak demand with customer-sited batteries.$quot; Connecticut's PURA and utilities should be looking closely at this model. 2019-02-19 Will Lamont lead or stay out of the way on offshore wind? CT Mirror "...calling for 1,000 MW of offshore wind by 2030 is not leadership; it's just trying to take credit for what’s going to happen anyway. And if that’s the limited size of our ambition, then we can be pretty confident that most of the jobs to produce that energy will be in somebody else's backyard..." Call the Governor's office today (860-566-4840) with this simple message: "I urge Gov Lamont to support a mandate for 2000 Megawatts of offshore wind. CT needs clean energy and local jobs. We need the Governor to be a leader on climate policy." 2019-02-19 Action Alert for the Statewide Fracking Waste Bill Food & Water Watch A strong statewide fracking waste ban bill has been introduced, SB753, but it is in danger of being significantly watered down. 2019-02-19 Help protect two of the most powerful weapons against climate change. CT Fund for the Environment Use this simple form<\a> to send a clear message about energy efficiency to members of the Legislature's Environment, Energy & Technology, Finance Committees. This is the year to do it; help make a difference. 2019-02-12 As solar prices continue to fall, developers say state's restrictive siting policies inhibit industry growth Hartford Business Journal While local opposition can be a challenge, some perceive state law as the bigger barrier to building many more solar farms in Connecticut. 2019-02-12 Coalition wants to ban residential electricity suppliers Hartford Business Journal "Lawmakers and regulators here have cracked down on suppliers in recent years, banning variable rates in the residential market, scrutinizing disclosures and billing design, and fining various suppliers millions of dollars for abusive marketing practices, impersonating utility employees, and signing up ratepayers who did not consent (a practice known as "slamming")." Yes, but the law needs to allow for community choice energy, where municipalities choose a provider on behalf of residents and businesses. 2019-02-12 Offshore Wind Agreement Is Win-Win for Energy, Wildlife Real Clear Politics This landmark agreement will ensure that work to significantly reduce emissions does not further endanger right whales and other vulnerable wildlife. 2019-02-12 Solar policy fight is picking up where it left off CT Mirror Mary Sotos, DEEP's deputy commissioner for energy, seemed to back off the department's earlier insistence in its filings that existing timelines be met and that there was little wiggle room in the goals of the policies passed last year. 2019-02-12 Proposed $700M Killingly power plant clears key hurdle Hartford Business Journal This unfortunate proposal now goes back to the CT Siting Council. ISO-NE should be facilitating the entry of energy efficiency, renewables, demand response, and distributed energy resources into the energy markets, instead of permitting this backward looking, fossil fuel project. 2019-02-12 Advocacy 101: Exercising your right to lobby and how to do it CT Fund for the Environment Good reading for clean energy advocates. 2019-02-05 Lamont talks grid reliability, offshore wind with DEEP staff The Day "We've got ambitious climate goals and we know offshore wind has a lot of benefits. It has a high capacity factor, it's running all the time and it performs in the winter, which is terrific," [DEEP Commissioner] Dykes said. 2019-02-05 State eyes investments in electrifying vehicle fleet The Day "Key measures discussed included electrifying the state fleet, improving building and zoning codes to accommodate for charging and refueling stations and solidifying annual funding for the state's Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program..." 2019-02-05 Housatonic gets solar panels CT Post Solar canopies are being installed above the Housatonic Community College parking garage that promise to eventually save the cash-strapped college a bundle in energy costs. 2019-02-05 In Connecticut, municipal aggregation rising as a clean energy priority Energy News Network Several groups want lawmakers to follow the lead of neighboring states and adopt community choice aggregation. 2019-02-05 No 'big splash' as Connecticut continues slow wade into offshore wind Energy News Network This seems like the next incremental step to take. It wasn't the big splash some of us were hoping for. 2019-02-05 New governor and legislature, same Tesla bill Hartford Business Journal Legislation seeking to allow electric-vehicle manufacturers like Tesla to sell their cars directly to consumers is now before the legislature for a fifth straight year. 2019-02-05 Tell Governor Lamont to restore the energy efficiency funds CT Fund for the Environment Use this simple form to tell the Governor and your legislators that $145 million raided from energy efficiency funds last year need to be restored. 2019-01-29 A Fight for Transparency At New England's Powerful Energy Industry Group NH Public Radio Under the current NEPOOL process, it is impossible for the public or for journalists to understand who originally came up with a market reform proposal. 2019-01-29 2019 State Solar Power Rankings Report Connecticut comes in 6th, but it's not clear if the authors of the report were aware of recent changes to net metering regulations, which will likely hamper further solar development in the state. 2019-01-29 PosiGen's $90M credit facility means more solar in CT Hartford Business Journal PosiGen has leased solar systems and provided efficiency to 13,000 homeowners in Connecticut and three others states. The company said the new credit facility will allow it to nearly double that number. 2019-01-29 Killingly power plant returns to CT Siting Council Hartford Business Journal "As proposed fossil-fuel power plants often are, the Killingly Energy Center has been controversial. Environmental groups, local residents and others have expressed concerns about increased air pollution, noise and other worries.before." This is something that Connecticut does not need. 2019-01-29 Op-Ed: The power of energy aggregation means benefits for Connecticut municipalities CT Post Community Choice Aggregation is a way by which towns use the power of community purchasing to choose an electricity provider on behalf of their residents and businesses. This can result in cleaner, cheaper electricity for the town's ratepayers, as compared to the utility's standard offering. 2019-01-29