PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Thu Sep 19 06:30:01 UTC 2019 Connecticut 100% carbon-free plan is chance to move beyond ISO-NE gas focus: DEEP chief Utility Dive But market observers say clean energy resources in some regions do not have an even playing field, and the rising prominence of renewables coupled with aggressive state policies to reduce emissions creates a tension between states and their regional grid operators over what resources best meet states' energy needs. Particularly the eastern RTOs and ISO are set up in such a way that natural gas is sort of the 'go to' for new generation. 2019-09-19 Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Sets an Environmental Agenda in Hartford CT Examiner We just saw the quorum on Tuesday about zero carbon in 2040, and yet a couple weeks ago they just approved the Killingly frack gas power plant which would be operational past 2040. 2019-09-19 Environmentalists clash with Lamont as natural gas plant set for Killingly tests Connecticut’s promise to address climate change Hartford Courant I'm concerned we're the only state in the region that continues to expand natural gas knowing that methane is the chief component of natural gas, the most destructive greenhouse gas we have. 2019-09-19 MDC to decommission hydropower facility Hartford Business Journal ...the 1988 turbines are nearing the end of their operational life and require major maintenance, MDC wrote this week to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which licenses the facility. 2019-09-19 Connecticut, Rhode Island vie for roles in emerging offshore wind industry Energy News Network The dueling declarations about each state's rightful place as the center of all things offshore wind show how competition is heating up for the thousands of jobs that will support the industry. While each state hopes to be the leader, experts say the economic opportunity around offshore wind in the Northeast is big enough that both should be able to succeed in the industry. 2019-09-19 Lamont applauded, and challenged, on climate change response CT Mirror ...Connecticut is the only state in the region still promoting the conversion of homes and businesses from oil to natural gas, and she warned that environmentalists are hoping to block construction of a new gas-fired power plant in Killingly. 2019-09-11 CT, RI trading spots for most expensive electricity in the lower 48 Hartford Business Journal It's unclear exactly what's causing the trend, but in general, New England states are heavily reliant on imported energy from other states, particularly natural gas from deposits in other regions. That requires longer distance, more expensive pipeline shipments. 2019-09-11 Offshore wind means real jobs, growth for Thames River Hartford Business Journal As more states move forward on their commitments to renewable energy there will be increasing opportunities for offshore wind development, which means more activity at State Pier and greater incentives for offshore wind suppliers and manufacturers to come to southeastern Connecticut and put down roots. 2019-09-11 CT offshore wind may face some rough seas CT Mirror Is the Department of Interior using the process to foot drag and doing everything it can to be an impediment to the process? Or do we take them at their word? Can they easily make a case they have legitimate issues there? 2019-09-11 New Haven company looks to crowdfund solar panels for nonprofit New Haven Register "What we are doing with this is democratizing clean energy ownership," Hochstrasser said. "The typical way that solar arrays are done is through bank loans or outright purchases. Projects like this of between 20 and 500 kilowatts would typically get pretty high interest rates for a loan." 2019-09-11 New Hampshire Law Expands Municipal Aggregation, Paving Way for More Clean Energy EnerKnol Municipal aggregation allows purchases of electricity in bulk on behalf of the residents and businesses within the community...Municipalities can also operate energy efficiency and clean energy districts adopted with the approval of their governing body. 2019-09-11 Plainfield school board facing solar panel dilemma The Bulletin "With the end of school summer vacation looming, the Board of Education is meeting Wednesday to discuss what to do about an uncompleted project to install solar panels on the roofs of three schools. 2019-09-11 Microgrid to Serve as Core of $110-$120M Connecticut Mixed-Use Project MicroGrid Knowledge The Manchester Broad Street Parkade microgrid will include around 1 MW of solar PV, 2-3 MW of natural gas-fired combined heat and power, batteries, and a water heating loop. 2019-09-11 Southern N.E.'s Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure Builds Up eco RInews The debate over expanding pipelines and related equipment occurs nearly every winter following cold spells that increase demand for the natural gas flowing through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 2019-09-11 E. Windsor company claims CT's first "net zero" commercial building Hartford Business Journal It has a rooftop solar array that produces 92,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, energy-efficient lighting, an efficient heating system and other features, which all help save $6,000 compared to a similarly constructed steel building of its size. 2019-09-11 Connecticut's first offshore wind bidding war applauded The Day Offshore wind has the potential to significantly reduce the electric grid's dependence on fossil fuels, improve grid reliability in the winter, and advance clean energy jobs ... all while helping Connecticut achieve critical climate goals. 2019-08-28 Editorial: Conn. already eclipsed on shared solar The Register Citizen In recent years, about the only way Connecticut lands before New York and Massachusetts is alphabetically. 2019-08-28 Connecticut tops continental U.S. in electricity prices: what gives? The Day Energy and utilities experts consistently point to a few key factors driving Connecticut's costly power: the state's reliance on natural gas, which is cheap and abundant nationally but not found or stored underground here; regional pipelines with limited capacity, leading to price spikes, especially in winter; deregulation in the late 1990s, which led to about 40 percent of customers buying electricity from a third-party retail supplier, some charging more than utilities; and basic geography. 2019-08-28 Microgrid at $1 Billion Data Center MicroGrid Knowledge Data centers will continue to be an important vertical for Doosan to serve, and customers in the Northeast can take advantage of several incentives to reduce their overall costs adopting fuel cell technology. 2019-08-28 New Transportation Policy Big Win for Connecticut Public News Service The analysis showed that by 2030 the TCI funds would allow Connecticut to invest in 170,000 electric vehicles and their associated charging infrastructure. 2019-08-20 Should Connecticut Study Long-Term Impact Of Wind Farms? WSHU &wquot;We are most concerned about the impact to species that are already endangered or threatened as a result of habitat loss or limits to food availability” she said." What would be the impact of severely delaying the building of the wind farms? 2019-08-20 Lamont takes additional action to move Connecticut Port Authority forward "There's nothing holding it up, nothing of contention creating challenges," said David Kooris, acting chairman of the authority and the deputy commissioner of the state Department of Economic and Community Development. "We're running through with our partners all the different scenarios we can think of that may play out over a relatively long-term agreement." 2019-08-20 A Letter from CT legislators concerning the value of distributed energy resources The letter from Rep. Jonathan Steinberg and others to Katie Dykes of DEEP and Marissa Paslick Gillett of PURA begins: "It's in everyone's best interest that Connecticut takes advantage of new ways that electricity may be produced, delivered, and used that are both reliable and affordable for all ratepayers." 2019-08-20 Bridgeport's Wade's Dairy unveils completed solar panel project CT Post "We're looking for the day when the Tesla trucks are going to be running, and we're going to have a huge electrical draw," Wade said. "We expect we will need another two tractors in coming years, and if Teslas are available, I want to go Tesla." 2019-08-20 Environmental advocates denounce planned natural gas plant in Killingly Hartford Courant Opponents to the Killingly plant say it takes the state in an opposite direction by promoting natural gas and fracking. 2019-08-12 State Senator Norm Needleman Reviews Freshman Season Zip 06 He was tasked with chairing the Energy and Technology Committee, "which is probably the most technically challenging committee because it's grid-level energy policy," he said. "It's understanding how the New England power grid works. All the utilities pretty much fall under the purview of Energy and Technology so i'’s a highly challenging committee to chair." 2019-08-12 Shared solar program heading towards approval, complaints in tow CT Mirror The devil is in the details, starting with the frequent suggestion that there simply should be fewer of them. 2019-08-12 Offshore wind deal pushing forward at New London State Pier The Day "There's nothing holding it up, nothing of contention creating challenges," said David Kooris, acting chairman of the authority and the deputy commissioner of the state Department of Economic and Community Development. "We're running through with our partners all the different scenarios we can think of that may play out over a relatively long-term agreement." 2019-08-12 Connecticut clean air projects will receive another $7.5M from the Volkswagen emissions settlement Hartford Courant Residents, government agencies and private companies can now submit proposals for clean air projects they'd like the department to reimburse. Once those projects are complete, the state will use its portion of the Volkswagen settlement to cover the cost. Connecticut netted $56 million over ten years in the settlement. 2019-08-12 Hartford to expand solar panel array on former landfill Hartford Courant "The ultimate goal is to be able to expand access to renewable energy at a lower cost," said Shubhada Kambli, the city's sustainability director. "We know it doesn't make sense to only promote installation of solar on single family residential homes." 2019-08-05 New Bridgeport power plant officially turned on CT Post "The plant means clean burning fuel for the next 40 years, but it also means good paying jobs and people getting an opportunity," said Gov. Ned Lamont. 2019-08-05 Energy Fund Raids Have Stopped, But Industry Says The Damage Has Been Done CT News Junkie ...the sweeps have forced some clean energy businesses to close and others to lay off can't create a sector of the economy by creating these funds and all of a sudden take it away. 2019-08-05 Hartford a top 25 city for green energy Hartford Courant It wasn't just a few of us kind of huddled in a room together trying to think great thoughts about where Hartford could go, but a major community planning effort with a big focus on equity. 2019-08-05 Raid or reinvest? Connecticut, Vermont take different paths on efficiency funds Energy News Network A lack of awareness around the payback from energy efficiency programs left the funds vulnerable to diversion, a circumstance advocates worked hard to correct during the most recent legislative session. 2019-07-30 Killingly plant is unnecessary and harmful to energy goals CT Mirror Gov. Ned Lamont ran on clean energy pledges and has acted to protect our environment and to grow renewable energy jobs. He could reverse this poor decision, but it will take a groundswell of public outcry to force action. 2019-07-30 Community bears nuclear risk, should be heard on easing regulations The Day ...reducing inspections and other requirements now seems like a particularly bad idea, given that nuclear plants are aging and operating well past their originally licensed lives and face stiff financial pressures in competing with cheap natural gas. 2019-07-30 Chairwoman of Connecticut Port Authority, pressured by Gov. Ned Lamont, resigns after agency spent $3K on photographs taken by her daughter Hartford Courant Lamont said his administration has stepped in to lead negotiations to develop offshore wind, a critical state economic development project taken on by the port authority, which has now been pushed aside. 2019-07-30 Scientists: Without Reducing Emissions CT Would See 40 Days Above 90 Degrees CT News Junkie The days with a heat index above 100 degrees Fahrenheit would increase to 13 per year on average and cities like Bridgeport, Danbury, and New Haven would experience the highest frequency of these days. 2019-07-27 Baker, Raimondo, urge Lamont to persist with transportation rebuild CT Mirror "We're now all working together when it comes to renewable energy," he said, adding that the summit included discussions of a joint, three-state bid to purchase power from off-shore wind power developments. 2019-07-27 Carbon tax proposal gaining steam on Beacon Hill CT Post "A bill designed to rev up the state's reliance on renewable energy by imposing a charge on carbon emissions is gaining steam at the Massachusetts Statehouse." A model for Connecticut? 2019-07-27 N.Y. boosts Eversource joint wind venture Hartford Business Journal The selection of this bid from Ørsted/Eversource should be very good news for the New London region and Connecticut's workers. 2019-07-27 Why did the state OK a new natural gas power plant in Killingly when the move is to renewable energy? Hartford Courant What is particularly disturbing about this ill-considered decision is how it fails to meet the state’s current goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions to address global climate change. 2019-07-27