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  • Electrification of the Heating Sector: Exploring Consumer Choices
    September 20, 2018
    Noon - 3:30 p.m.
    Save the date.
  • Electrification of the Heating Sector: Exploring Consumer Choices
    September 20, 2018
    Noon - 3:30 p.m.
    Save the date.

  • ' A 19th-century solution to heat homes is helping the world cut emissions Quartz - Heat pumps are a "humble solution" to a big challenge problem, namely how to heat and cool our homes and businesses without fossil fuels. If you are a renewable energy advocate, it's worth knowing about heat pumps.
  • ' Critics of Major Solar Project Challenge State Siting Council Approval Hartford Courant - Yet for Connecticut to meet it's renewable energy targets, utility scale solar needs to be part of the mix. In this letter, 9 Points About the Solar Project, the developer of one of the projects cited above rebuts some of the arguments made by critics. Similar challenges face our neighbor, Rhode Island.
  • ' New England Clean Energy Legislative Roundup RTO Insider - Interesting review of 2018, ranging from Connecticut's "most important energy bill" in seven years, to Massachusetts taking "baby steps," to Rhode Island taking what might turn out to be a "regrettable pause."
  • ' Plan to revitalize Connecticuti's ports and marine economy CT Post - "The five-year plan focuses on the State Pier in New London, which is being retrofitted to serve as a material staging and shipping point for offshore wind power projects near Block Island."
  • Offshore wind energy developer reconfigures proposed layout Cape Cod Times - It appears that offshore wind farms can be made to be compatible with commercial fishing.
  • ' Ocean State Job Lot relighting stores Hartford Business Journal - 28 stores of this 131 store chain are in CT. The annual savings of 17.4 kwh is roughly equivalent to building an 11.5 MW solar field and will save the company about $2.7 million every year.
  • ' CT Green Bank takes novel approach to preserve clean-energy mission Hartford Business Journal - "In an unusual move for a state entity, the quasi-public Connecticut Green Bank has spun out a nonprofit to help it carry on several key energy-efficiency programs amid a major funding crunch."
  • ' Massachusetts utilities sign contracts to import Canadian hydropower Utility Dive - The hope is that it will be a, "...highly cost-effective source of clean energy generation for Massachusetts customers that could cut retail bills by 2 to 4 percent and reduce the region's reliance on natural gas to produce electricity."
  • ' First 'cohousing' project in Connecticut comes to Bethany New Haven Register - The Rocky Corner Co-Housing project has a strong sustainability component that can serve as a model for residential developers.
  • ' Massachusetts Legislature Approves Higher Renewable Portfolio Standard Clean Technica - "With this bill, the Massachusetts Legislature took baby steps when what is needed are giant strides..."
  • Police Department in Cheshire will get carport with solar panels New Haven Register - "...the deal with Greenskies Renewable Energy will allow the department to save $6,000 annually on its electric bill without having to spend a dime."
  • ' Quantu''s latest Southington energy-saver Hartford Business Journal - This innovative biogas operation has now added solar. The facility should be replicated elsewhere in the state.

PACE is leading an exciting project to transition Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy, one town at a time.
For over forty years, PACE has held tours of beautiful and innovative homes, showcasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.Learn More...
PACE is very concerned about the health dangers and catastrophic risks posed by nuclear energy and seeks to relplace it with clean, renewable energy.

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