PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Tue Jul 23 06:30:01 UTC 2019 Candlewood Solar asks New Milford to cooperate Newstimes Representatives from Candlewood Solar are asking for the town’s cooperation with the controversial 20-megawatt solar project set to be built on Candlewood Mountain. 2019-07-18 Offshore Wind Makes Big Moves Across the Northeast Region Acadia Center Together, the Northeast states' ambitious targets for offshore wind development could generate enough electricity to satisfy a quarter of the region's total electricity needs. 2019-07-18 Gasoline taxes on the rise - but not in Connecticut Middletown Press The transition to electric vehicles and hybrids obviously is something that seems to be gathering force, but the real question is how quickly are we going to make that transition? ...We still have a huge inventory of gasoline and diesel-consuming cars and trucks that is not going to instantly disappear. 2019-07-18 Enfield council agrees to solar energy agreement Journal Inquirer The town is considering entering into a [virtual net metering] contract with a solar power company to purchase discounted energy that is projected to save the town $1.6 million over the next two decades. 2019-07-18 Connecticut Releases Draft Offshore Wind RFP offshoreWINDbiz We congratulate the state of Connecticut for moving so quickly in preparing their first major Draft RFP for offshore wind energy. 2019-07-10 Nonprofits press case for gas-charge exemptions Hartford Business Journal The idea is that the demand charges pay for utility infrastructure needed to prepare for peak energy demand periods...However, houses of worship, in particular, argue it's unfair, and have been pressing PURA since 2017 about the matter. 2019-07-10 Letter: 'Extreme disappointment' on energy plant decision The Register Citizen Fossil fuels will soon be a thing of the past and clean, renewable energy will be the future. Tying ourselves to a fracked gas plant for the next twenty years is economically and environmentally short-sighted. 2019-07-10 Burr Elementary To Get Solar Carport After Residents Show Support Patch The carport, which was approved in a divided vote by the Board of Selectmen, is expected to save the school about $165,000 in electrical costs over the next 20 years. 2019-07-10 South School Solar Project Moves Forward New Canaan Patch The South School roof will be replaced and then solar panels will be added in places for energy conservation and the long-term reduction in the cost of fuel and electricity. 2019-07-03 Just Say No...To More Fossil Fueled Power Plants CT Fund for the Environment Ask Governor Lamont - who promised to push for environmental initiatives - to call for a moratorium on new fossil fuel plants in Connecticut. 2019-07-03 With air quality on the line, CT is ready to fight new Trump power plan CT Mirror The Trump Administration is taking another giant step backwards in protecting our planet. They are trampling on the Clean Air Act and ignoring administrative law to finalize this outrageous rule. 2019-07-03 Connecticut Lawmakers Raid Green Energy Fund, Again WSHU Roger Reynolds, with Connecticut Fund for the Environment, says it's the second raid of funds authorized by the bipartisan state budget passed by lawmakers two years ago. 2019-07-03 Solar-Powered Natural Gas Fueling Station Opens In CT Solar World USA Hauling provides waste hauling and recycling across most parts of our state, and we can take pride in the face that this organization's trucks are far more energy-efficient with a lower carbon footprint and impact on our environment. 2019-07-03 Eversource Will Pay Customers to Reduce Energy Usage with Smart Technology Cape Cod Today Eversource anticipates that at full enrollment, the collective ability to call on these customers during high demand periods could have the environmental equivalent effect of taking 20,000 homes off the grid. Similar incentive offerings are expected in New Hampshire and Connecticut. 2019-06-26 Just Say No...To More Fossil Fueled Power Plants CT Fund for the Environment Ask Governor Lamont - who promised to push for environmental initiatives - to call for a moratorium on new fossil fuel plants in Connecticut. 2019-06-26 New York State passes sweeping renewable energy measure that could provide a model for Connecticut Hartford Courant "I'm pleased to see they are such a leader in this," said Sen. Christine Cohen, co-chairwoman of the Connecticut legislature’s environment committee. "As our neighboring state, we often look to them as they look to us." 2019-06-26 Southington plant turns food waste to energy, owners say there's lot of expansion room Hartford Courant With the right tax incentives, the food-waste-to-energy business could thrive in Connecticut, according to Blumenthal, because restaurants, supermarkets and residents could be sending far more of the state's food wastes to processing plants like the one in Southington. 2019-06-26 Regulators deal setback to proposed Rhode Island power plant CT Post Contrast this with the recent approval by the CT Siting Council for a natural gas plant in Killingly. 2019-06-26 What's The Significance Of Connecticut's New Commitment To Offshore Wind? WNPR ...we take a look at some of the environmental bills the Connecticut General Assembly passed this legislative session, including a new commitment to offshore wind power. We learn what this renewable energy source means for the state's power grid - and its economy. 2019-06-17 Management plan approved for Candlewood Solar project in New Milford Newstimes The Candlewood Solar Project will be both economically and environmentally beneficial for New Milford. It will not only produce clean, silent energy for Connecticut, but it will generate millions of dollars in revenue to the Town and provide good-paying local jobs. 2019-06-17 A tale of two net metering laws pv Magazine Meanwhile the Connecticut legislature passed a two year net metering extension in a 178 to 1 vote. 2019-06-17 Killingly power plant wins Siting Council approval Hartford Business Journal "Construction on the largest new power plant the state has seen in over a decade could begin as early as this fall..." The true responsibility for this unnecessary project is with ISO-NE, without whose approval the Siting Council would not have reversed its earlier decisions to deny. 2019-06-17 Connecticut Governor OKs 2 GW Offshore Wind Bill North American Windpower Connecticut should be the central hub of the offshore wind industry in New England. 2019-06-17 Connecticut takes a major step into offshore wind CT Mirror Legislators are now sending a loud-and-clear message that our state is serious about securing a major share of this emerging industry. 2019-06-17 HB 5002: An Act Concerning a Green Economy and Environmental Protection Office of Legislative Review (OLR) A useful analysis of this omnibus bill that addresses net metering, a value of solar study, and new energy efficiency standards for state funded construction projects, among other issues. 2019-06-17 New England's Electric Power Grid Is Undergoing A Transformation WBUR The transition to a cleaner grid is a delicate balancing act. The rise of renewables has been faster than anticipated. They are literally replacing old fossil fuel plants with a bang. 2019-06-17 New DEEP head Dykes pledges to streamline permitting for developers Hartford Business Journal Dykes said her department hopes to bring newfound “predictability and clarity” to an environmental permitting process plagued by long delays and a significant backlog of applications. 2019-06-17 Environmentalists tout offshore wind, plastic bag, solar measures The Day We will look back at this as a historic moment in the effort to tackle climate change in Connecticut with pride. 2019-06-17 Connecticut Poised To Collect Millions More Through “Hidden” Electricity Tax WBUR That money is supposed to fund efficiency work, providing discounts to ratepayers for home energy audits or weatherization services that can lower power demand and, in turn, drive down utility costs in a state with one of the highest electrical rates in the nation. 2019-06-17 Swanson Katz exiting consumer-counsel post Hartford Business Journal The governor said Katz will pursue her passion in the private sector for improving broadband access for Connecticut's citizens. 2019-06-17 Once again, it's not easy being green CT Mirror A green new deal for Connecticut? Don't count on it. Elaborate plans for an ambitious one-off state incarnation of the national effort were substantially scaled back when the legislation came to the House floor on Tuesday. 2019-06-05 Greenskies finishes 137-kW solar array at water treatment plant Solar World ...Greenskies currently operates solar installations for more than 1/3 of all the towns in Connecticut. In addition to the Sprague project, Greenskies also completed solar projects for Middletown and Ledyard's wastewater treatment plants. 2019-06-05 Regional Transportation Program Cuts Emissions Through Fees eco RInews The details are still being worked out for the TCI program, but as it stands all gasoline and diesel fuel entering a state would be required to buy credits based on each ton of CO2 emitted. 2019-06-05 The offshore wind bill still needs your help! CT Roundtable for Climate and Jobs HB 7156 has passed the CT House, but needs a vote in the Senate. 2019-06-05 Climate crisis requires urgent action: Op-Ed Danbury Newstimes Now is the time for Gov. Lamont and the Connecticut General Assembly to set a requirement for 100 percent clean and renewable energy, stop the diversion of energy efficiency funds swept by the legislature, rapidly ramp up renewables like rooftop and community solar generation and offshore wind, encourage electric cars and transit buses, fix leaking gas pipelines and stop building infrastructure like pipelines and energy plants that serve the fracked gas industry. 2019-06-05 Eversource Takes Local Energy Concept to New Level with New Hampshire Microgrid Plan MicroGrid Knowledge In Connecticut, the utility plans to unveil a [non-wires] project later in 2019 2019-06-05 Leticia Colón de Mejias: Green Eco Warrior WNPR I try to help people understand that energy efficiency is like your mother. It's working all the time and no one is ever thinking about it. It's the workhorse that's unseen and doesn’t ask for your appreciation. It just continues to always deliver. 2019-05-29 A path to solar success…or failure? CT Fund for the Environment Send a message to CT DEEP that you want the rules governing Connecticut's new shared solar program designed to ensure success. Click here for more information and access an easy-to-use form. 2019-05-29 Amid FuelCell Energy's capital crunch, Doosan reports steady progress Hartford Business Journal For many companies, a struggling competitor would be cause for glee, but that’s apparently not the case in Connecticut's fuel cell industry. 2019-05-29 Solar panels could save Brooklyn schools millions The Bulletin Once installed, the panels could produce 80 percent of the electrical needs for each school building — saving $90,000 a year or $1.3 million over 15 years... 2019-05-29 Katie Dykes takes helm at DEEP in era of escalating climate change CT Mirror But others say that DEEP, and PURA (which is technically part of DEEP) with Dykes at the helm, have put too much focus on electric rates and not enough on the long-term value of renewable energy. 2019-05-29 Cool thing: Connecticut Green Bank makes intentional effort to boost solar energy in communities of color Solar Builder In 2015, when we realized that all homeowners in Connecticut did not have access to the benefits of the clean energy economy, our mission compelled us to act. This study confirms that the response to our programs in underserved communities of color has been even more positive than we anticipated. 2019-05-29