PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Sun May 26 06:30:01 UTC 2019 End of Net Metering Leaves Future of Solar in Connecticut Unclear NBC CT Tim Schneider favors a proposal in the Connecticut General Assembly that would delay the phase out until 2021, and would conduct a study to determine how much residential solar power would be too much until Connecticut consumers are adversely affected. 2019-05-19 How to Switch to Renewable, Sustainable Energy in Connecticut NBC CT 'The best power, the cheapest power and the power which doesn't cause any pollution is the power we never use,' Klein said. 2019-05-19 A strong bipartisan vote for wind power in CT CT Mirror If passed and signed into law as expected, [the Commissioner of DEEP] would be required within 14 days to begin the process of soliciting bids from wind power products for as much as 2,000 megawatts, the output of Millstone. 2019-05-19 End auto-renewed third party electric contracts CT Mirror According to an analysis by the Office of the Consumer Counsel, Elin Katz, over the past three years ratepayers using third-party suppliers versus the standard offer supply have spent over $200 million more. 2019-05-19 Ex-Coal Plant Site Chosen for Mass. OSW Hub RTO Insider ...Anbaric is 'open to working with any and all' OSW generators, including those off of Rhode Island and Connecticut. 2019-05-19 Hey UConn! Where are our electric buses? The Daily Campus What logical reason could the administration have for rejecting a $1.4 million grant that will increase air quality, decrease transportation costs and position UConn as a national leader in the fight against climate change? 2019-05-08 State Pier in New London to be used as hub for offshore wind industry Eye Witness News 3 This new public-private partnership reaffirms the unwavering commitment of the state to increase procurement of offshore wind and make the economic expansion of our maritime economy a reality. 2019-05-08 At Northeast universities, new programs aim to fill gaps in clean energy workforce Energy News Network The University of Connecticut is already expanding its newly-launched energy systems training program amid a shortage of energy workers in the state. 2019-05-08 Construction of fuel cell park at sub base delayed The Day The Navy, at large, has outlined a goal of relying more on alternative sources of energy and reducing reliance on foreign sources of oil. Energy is the single largest cost for Navy installations. 2019-05-08 Amid cash shortfall, CT Green Bank engineers a financial lifeline Hartford Business Journal The successful execution of the … green bond enables the Green Bank to pay the state back for the sweeps, while at the same time maintaining the market for local clean-energy contractors, reducing the burden of energy costs on families through clean energy. 2019-05-08 Sign the petition to restore CT energy funding! Clean Water Action Use this handy online form to ask Governor Lamont to restore last year's $54 million diverted energy efficiency fund from and not to divert any efficiency funds in this budget. 2019-04-27 $100 per month utility bills? Green energy is making it a reality for some News 12 Connecticut Seaview Village is a gated community in the East End of Bridgeport that is entirely fueled by green energy. Each condo is equipped with solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling units...'I think this could go statewide,' says State Rep. Chris Rosario. 'I think this could be a national model'. 2019-04-27 Electric Vehicle Incentives In 8 US States Green Technica ...with the federal tax credit currently winding down, it's worth investigating what electric car incentives also exist on the state level. 2019-04-27 OP-ED | The Mild Inconvenience and Overwhelming Impossibility of Fighting Climate Change CT News Junkie Banning plastic bags helps. Believe me, it does. Anything is good right now. But there’s so much more that needs doing, and so little appetite for doing it. 2019-04-27 CT's sole wind farm wants Eversource to cover costly outages Hartford Business Journal The owners of Connecticut's only commercial wind farm say faulty and outdated utility equipment has caused their two Colebrook wind turbines to experience excessive downtime... 2019-04-26 Tell CT Siting Council: Reject the Fracked Gas Power Plant in Killingly CT Citizens Opposing KEC Use this handy tool to send a prepared letter or your own to the CT Siting Council. We do NOT need another gas power plant in CT. 2019-04-26 Create 13 CT climate champions on your coffee break CT Fund for the Environment Right now, the legislature is working behind the scenes on what legislation will head to the floor for a vote. It's a critical time to shape the laws that determine clean air, land, and water in Connecticut. By filling out this simple form, you will send messages to Governor Lamont, energy and technology committee leaders, house and senate leadership, and the commissioner of DEEP. 2019-04-26 A Letter to Governor Lamont CT Fund for the Environment This letter effectively outlines the community of environmental organizations' concerns about Connecticut's efficiency and clean energy agenda. PACE and ECGA are among the signatories. 2019-04-26 State Pier's future — wind or no wind? The Day Part of what we're waiting to understand is if this goes full offshore wind, we have to get a lot smarter on the supply chain management, understand the ship traffic and acreage availability. 2019-04-26 Bishop's Orchards Uses Solar Installation To Power Farm CT News Junkie For us it's a matter of pride to operate our family business in a way that reduces energy costs and also lowers our carbon footprint. 2019-04-26 As Maine re-ups net metering, fight over solar tariffs brews in Connecticut Utility Dive But lawmakers and developers...question why Connecticut is pursuing solar policies that are widely seen to have failed by clean energy advocates and lawmakers in Maine, Nevada and other states. 2019-04-09 As the number of EVs grows, tax and transportation policy must grow with it CT Mirror At this point in the technology spectrum, the tax collectors are without a traditional method to collect the tax or fee on EV road use. 2019-04-09 Shared Solar Toolkit CT Fund for the Environment Four out of five Connecticut residents can't benefit from rooftop solar. Shared solar is the solution and our new Shared Solar Toolkit can show you how. 2019-04-09 Millions of Dollars Available in All 50 States for Clean Transportation Funding Sierra Club Tips for Transit Agencies, School Districts & Others to Access Volkswagen Settlement Fund. 2019-04-09 CT Animal Rescue Center Cuts Electricity Costs With Solar Solar Industry ...the system will significantly reduce the foundation's electricity costs – specifically, close to $1 million over the project's life. 2019-04-09 Do not bury solar energy in Connecticut CT Mirror Adopt net metering, a proven policy that has succeeded in other states." 2019-04-09 Take Action to Restore the Energy Efficiency Funds! Clean Water Action &quit;The Legislature's decision last year to divert $145 million of clean energy efficiency funds to go to the General Fund was a major blow to addressing climate change, protecting our waters and damaged Connecticut's economy." Take a minute to ask the Governor to restore the funds! 2019-04-09 Nuclear plants will require ever-increasing subsidies CT Mirror "It is time to start planning to retire the Millstone power plants. 2019-04-04 Wholesale energy prices on the rise Hartford Business Journal Prices increased for both electricity and natural gas, with both rising by double-digit percentages. The two are closely linked, as the six-state region relies heavily on natural gas-fired power plants. 2019-04-04 Connecticut throws away 520,000 tons of food every year. Hartford-based Blue Earth Compost hopes to change that. Hartford Courant Most of the food waste Blue Earth Compost collects is taken to the Quantum Biopower facility in Southington, an 'anaerobic digester' that uses the organic scraps to create methane. The gas is then used to generate electricity. 2019-04-04 Highland Park Market's intelligent buildings shave $100K in energy costs Hartford Business Journal "There was no upfront capital expense for Highland Park's three local stores to install [the] system." Should your business or school be looking into this? 2019-04-04 Why Lamont is courting a Danish offshore wind company CT Post We have to think about world 10-to-12 years out, where nuclear is not a part of it. ...How do we backfill? Wind, solar and energy efficiency is what we've been talking about. 2019-04-04 Clean Energy Hartford Courant This April [the Hartford Courant] celebrates Earth Day by highlighting clean energy. These Greater Hartford Players are creating a greener future by transforming the way we power our world. 2019-04-04 In Connecticut, The Costs And Benefits Of Shared Solar Are Tough To Calculate CT Public Radio One big policy behind shared solar, especially looking at the low income community, is to limit barriers to participation. 2019-03-28 Southern Sky Plans Solar Farm In Plainfield, Sterling Hartford Courant "I've worked at power plants all my life," he said. "We need to build more green. We need to do something with these emissions." 2019-03-28 Lawmakers want to amend 2018 energy bill CT Post The Energy & Technology Committee overwhelmingly approved a compromise with Gov. Ned Lamont that solar supporters said will continue to foster the commercial and residential solar-energy markets... 2019-03-28 Future of the gas tax? Running on empty. CT Mirror The gas tax is at the core of the argument about whether to bring tolls back to Connecticut highways. But this story is not about tolls – it's about the tax, its nexus with climate change, and what that means for the state. 2019-03-28 Editorial: Pipelines not a part of state's future New Haven Register ...the state must eliminate a law that would put all citizens on the hook to pay for a new pipeline importing natural gas. There is not currently a plan for a pipeline, but according to legislation passed several years ago, the state can make such a move and charge the people for it. 2019-03-28 Lowering your energy bills Fox News 61 Video interview of energy-conservation expert Leticia Colon de Mejias giving quick tips on how to lower your energy bills. 2019-03-28 Millstone deal reached, set to run for another 10 years CT Mirror The shutdown of the plant would have exposed the New England region to a nearly 25 percent increase in carbon emissions, increased risk of rolling blackouts, billions of dollars in power replacement costs, and the loss of more than 1,500 well-paying jobs. 2019-03-28