PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Tue Oct 16 06:30:01 UTC 2018 VW settlement funds to green CT vehicle fleets soon Hartford Business Journal Companies and agencies in this first round submitted requests for electric school busses, municipal electric busses, and diesel trucks that would run on compressed natural gas, among others proposals. 2018-10-12 Coventry honored for green initiatives The Chronicle "We're only one of four communities in the state of Connecticut to get SolSmart gold over the years,..." 2018-10-12 Connecticut zero carbon bid gets 71 solar proposals PV Magazine "This massive RFP will bring a lot of clean energy to an old power grid. The New England region has some of the most expensive electricity in the USA..." 2018-10-12 Transportation Lockbox and Sale of Public Land On The Ballot Too CT News Junkie Improving CT's transportation system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. VOTE YES for the lockbox amendment on November 6. (Vote YES for protecting public lands, too.) 2018-10-12 Connecticut agencies say Millstone 'at risk' as Dominion seeks boost in clean energy RFP Utility Dive "If PURA deems Millstone at risk, it would make the nuclear plant eligible for above market rates in the state's solicitation for zero emission resources." 2018-10-12 Electric vehicle advocates urge Connecticut regulators not to forget sector in grid planning New Haven Register "Through this grid modernization proceeding, PURA can set the stage for utility engagement that supports EV deployment, protects consumers, and shares the benefits of EVs more equitably." Both ECGA and PACE recently joined the CT Electric Vehicle Coalition. 2018-10-12 Viewpoint: Massachusetts needs to shift its energy efficiency strategy Boston Business Journal " is more expensive during peak load times. According to State reports, the top 1% of our energy ad costs 8 percent of the total and the top 10 percent represents 40 percent of the total cost. This means that reducing consumption during peak loads should be prioritized." CT could learn from this. 2018-10-03 May tornado clears way for solar powered homes News 8 WTNH Homeowners lost trees, but gained solar-suitable roofs. Video and story about how people can now save many dollars over the lifetime of the installation. 2018-10-03 Eversource adds $7M to UConn energy center partnership Hartford Business Journal "...the investment will help the center develop grid resiliency, cyber and physical security and grid modernization." 2018-10-03 California, Maryland, Connecticut gear up to fight US fuel economy rollback S&P Global "California's economy is the fifth largest in the world and has grown as a result of its push for cleaner vehicles...If there were a problem with cleaning up our air it would have showed up in our economy," he said. 2018-10-03 More Than $1 Billion Provided By Connecticut Green Bank For Clean Energy Projects Clean Technica Excellent article on current and future plans of the Green Bank. 2018-10-03 Spark Energy hit with second fine Hartford Business Journal In CT, an individual ratepayer can choose her energy provider, but this marketer gives the little used practice a bad name. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), where a town hires a consultant who then recommends a generator that can provide cleaner, cheaper power is one way to improve the process. The local utility continues to deliver the electricity. Too bad CT doesn't allow CCA. 2018-10-03 Could clean energy become an election issue? Hartford Business Journal "A new poll commissioned by the Sierra Club has found strong support for clean and renewable energy among Connecticut voters across the political spectrum" 2018-09-26 Help protect the climate and create jobs with a transportation lockbox CT Mirror Transportation is a climate issue. On November 6, vote 'Yes' on the Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment. 2018-09-26 CT joins anti-coal power alliance Hartford Business Journal "The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will develop new regulations that phase out the use of potent greenhouse gases known to contribute to climate change." 2018-09-26 Plaintiffs hope for quick decision in Connecticut energy fund lawsuit New Haven Register "...the central premise of the plaintiffs’ legal challenge [is] that using ratepayer money for anything other than its intended purpose violates the Contracts Clause of the U.S. Constitution." 2018-09-26 Green Bank hopes carbon credits will jumpstart electric vehicle chargers Hartford Business Journal "By valuing emission reductions we can increase private investment in EV infrastructure, which in turn will help increase consumer demand for EVs..." 2018-09-26 Nuclear, Wind Companies Competing To Sell Connecticut 'Zero Carbon' Energy Hartford Courant "We are excited at the idea of creating more than 1,000 jobs and bringing billions in economic benefits to the state with this proposal. — Erich Stephens, Vineyard Wind's chief development officer." 2018-09-26 Working Together for 100% Renewable Energy in Connecticut Thursday, November 8 11:00 am – 2:00 pm 224 EcoSpace 224 Farmington Ave. Hartford People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE) invites you to a hands-on workshop to accelerate Connecticut's transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. The event features a keynote address from Mark Z. Jacobson, Director of the Atmosphere and Energy Program at Stanford University. Order Tickets $25; Students $10 includes lunch 2018-09-19 Electric vehicle market growing, but fed attitude complicates picture Westfair Communications "“This is a decision to ignore all of the warnings on air quality and on greenhouse gas emissions and say to Connecticut, and other states who are struggling to address air pollution, 'screw you'," [said] Rob Klee, commissioner of CT DEEP. 2018-09-18 Analysis: US East Coast could build nearly 9 GW of offshore wind capacity over next decade S&P Global "The New York Energy Research and Development Authority estimated a typical residential customer's bill would rise by less than 76 cents/month for the first 400 MW of developed capacity." 2018-09-18 Interest groups tangle over fracking waste ban ordinances Hartford Business Journal "…If towns adopt [CCM's] ordinance, they could leave themselves open to public health problems and costly remediation," said Jen Siskin, Food & Water Watch's local coordinator. 2018-09-18 New Community Solar Opportunities In Western Massachusetts Solar Industry As Connecticut begins develops regulations and tariffs for its own shared solar program, this is what community solar looks like in a neighboring state. 2018-09-18 Amid closures, CT sees a wave of new power plants Hartford Business Journal "This is the first major building boom for power plants we're seeing in about 10 to 15 years." And most are natural gas plants. 2018-09-18 Simsbury Settles With Deepwater Wind On Solar Project Hartford Courant A real win for clean energy and good faith negotiations. Here is an interesting side note. In the tristate purchasing RFP, Connecticut's energy officials rejected the Simsbury project because they believed the electricity it would produce was too expensive. Massachusetts and Rhode Island officials disagreed and approved the project. Who is evaluating cost correctly, CT...or MA and RI? 2018-09-18 Bloomfield shared-solar project delayed until 2019 Hartford Business Journal This is one of the three projects created under a 5MW pilot program. The legislature approved an expanded program in 2018 that will allow up to 25MW of shared solar per year for six years. 2018-09-11 Shared Solar Notice of Proceedings DEEP The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) will be creating the regulations for the Shared Community Energy Facilities program during 2018 and 2019. This is the schedule for public comment on their proceedings. 2018-09-11 Distributed solar saved ISO-NE consumers $20M during July heatwave, report says Utility Dive People with solar on their homes and businesses are providing a service to other electricity ratepayers. The story is a counterpoint to the 'free rider' narrative pushed by utilities. PV Magazine also has a good article on grid savings due to solar. 2018-09-11 Connecticut public-private partnership deploys solar to underserved communities Energy News Network In Connecticut, a private solar company is working with the state's green bank to help low-income homeowners save money on their energy bills. 2018-09-11 National Drive Electric Week Drive Electric 10 events spread across CT, from Fairfield to Pomfret. Talk to people who actually own all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Compare models, join the celebration, see what all the fuss is about! 2018-09-11 2 Ways to Ban Frack Waste Republican American Food & Water Watch has based its model ordinance on the same one used by 156 towns in New York state. 2018-09-06 Pollinator habitats: The bees' knees of rural solar development Utility Dive As Connecticut grapples with utility-scale solar siting issues, this approach should be part of the discussion. 2018-09-06 The U.S. is on the verge of an offshore wind revolution Yale Connections Good overview that includes Connecticut, from arguably the best environmental journalist in our state. 2018-09-06 Are regulators starting to rethink fixed charges? Utility Dive Connecticut's recent reduction of the fixed monthly charge from $19.25 to $9.21 may be part of an emerging trend. 2018-09-06 Tesla Eyes Former Dragone Motors Property Westport NOW It's not clear that Connecticut's law on auto dealerships will allow this, but it's a hopeful sign. 2018-09-06 When coal goes low, Colorado goes Rocky Mountain High Xcel, the state's largest utility, will now retire two coal plants 10 years ahead of schedule, replacing them with wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries. 2018-09-01 Darien-based Greenworks invests in Connecticut car dealerships Stamford Advocate Another successful C-PACE project, saving the owner money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 2018-08-28 Possible storm damage could have sparked Danbury roof-top solar panel fire Newstimes Such fires are rare now and even rarer with recent regulations and equipment. 2018-08-28 How Do Electric Utilities Make Money? Advanced Energy Economy Surprisingly, it's not by selling electricity (at least in CT and other deregulated markets). To change the utility business model, you need to understand how it works now. Article plus webinar. 2018-08-28 Connecticut Finally Makes a Commitment to Offshore Wind Connecticut Magazine Good summary of where things stand now. Notable for being in a general interest magazine. 2018-08-28 Efficiency contractor: CT funding raid taking its toll Hartford Business Journal "I know three companies that have closed already." NOTE: A date for the lawsuit challenging the efficiency funds sweep was just been set for September 13, 9:00am in New Haven superior court. The plaintiffs would welcome a show of support in the courtroom by efficiency and clean energy advocates. 2018-08-28 A 19th-century solution to heat homes is helping the world cut emissions Quartz Heat pumps are a "humble solution" to a big challenge problem, namely how to heat and cool our homes and businesses without fossil fuels. If you are a renewable energy advocate, it's worth knowing about heat pumps. 2018-08-18 Critics of Major Solar Project Challenge State Siting Council Approval Hartford Courant Yet for Connecticut to meet it's renewable energy targets, utility scale solar needs to be part of the mix. In this letter, 9 Points About the Solar Project, the developer of one of the projects cited above rebuts some of the arguments made by critics. Similar challenges face our neighbor, Rhode Island. 2018-08-18 New England Clean Energy Legislative Roundup RTO Insider Interesting review of 2018, ranging from Connecticut's "most important energy bill" in seven years, to Massachusetts taking "baby steps," to Rhode Island taking what might turn out to be a "regrettable pause." 2018-08-18 Ocean State Job Lot relighting stores Hartford Business Journal 28 stores of this 131 store chain are in CT. The annual savings of 17.4 kwh is roughly equivalent to building an 11.5 MW solar field and will save the company about $2.7 million every year. 2018-08-18 Offshore wind energy developer reconfigures proposed layout Cape Cod Times It appears that offshore wind farms can be made to be compatible with commercial fishing. 2018-08-18 Plan to revitalize Connecticuti's ports and marine economy CT Post "The five-year plan focuses on the State Pier in New London, which is being retrofitted to serve as a material staging and shipping point for offshore wind power projects near Block Island." 2018-08-18