PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy) "PACE" 88 31 To PACE Our latest postings Tue Dec 18 06:30:01 UTC 2018 CT'S Clean Energy Battles Transition From Malloy to Lamont CT Mirror All roads lead essentially to the rapidly failing utility business model - that's the problem. 2018-12-18 Massachusetts town requires PV installations at all new commercial buildings PV Tech This is the most remarkable amendment to a zoning code that we've read about in a long time. 2018-12-18 Orsted, Eversource tout proposal, plans for New London The Day "We are looking at New London State Pier as being a world-class installation harbor for offshore wind projects coming down the pike," Chaytors said. "We plan to be here a long time. There's an opportunity for continual developments. We're not talking about a two- or three-year period. This could be 15 to 20 years." 2018-12-18 Warming winters, waters to plague Connecticut New Haven Register The symptoms of climate change are already being seen in Connecticut with flooding along the coast, downed trees during more severe storms and warming waters pushing fish further north. 2018-12-18 Mansfield residents voice, support, concerns on school plan The Chronicle The proposed Mansfield school may become the first zero energy K-12 school in Connecticut. Stay tuned. 2018-12-18 Judge: Tesla is selling out of Greenwich "gallery" CT Post Despite not being able sell in Connecticut, there were about 1,600 Tesla vehicles registered in the state this past spring and 3,000 orders have been placed by Connecticut residents for the Model 3, a company spokesperson has said. 2018-12-18 Acadia Center: Connecticut economy would get big boost from clean energy efforts New Haven Register "A New England environmental group with offices in Connecticut is urging Gov.-elect Ned Lamont to improve transportation infrastructure and bolster clean energy efforts, saying such efforts would not only improve the health of the state's residents, but add 33,000 new jobs and $11 billion in economic benefits." 2018-12-11 The Future Of Connecticut's Changing Climate WNPR "John Dankosky hosts a conversation on climate change, clean energy, and how communities are coping. The show was recorded live at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, with climate game changers, including author and activist Bill McKibben." 2018-12-11 PURA maintains "at risk" status for Millstone Hartford Business Journal "Connecticut's procurement of zero-carbon energy, meaning nuclear, wind and solar, lured dozens of bids in September. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) could choose winning bids by year-end." 2018-12-11 Southington company converts to solar power Hartford Courant "Southington company converts to solar power" 2018-12-11 Middletown pilot program aims to remove barriers to energy efficiency Hartford Courant A small group of city officials and volunteers is developing a new way to provide efficiency upgrades for some of Middletown's lowest-income residents. This program is worth watching as it continues into the future. 2018-12-11 CT's energy demand, emissions fall as renewables grow Hartford Business Journal "Since 2007, electricity sales have fallen nearly 18 percent here, compared to a national dip of just 1 percent." Energy efficiency policies work; the swept funds need to be restored. 2018-12-04 Connecticut's Vanishing Shoreline: One Storm Away From Disaster CT Mirror "A big part of the problem is the federal government's flood insurance and emergency management systems, which are designed to replace what was there before a storm. It's a philosophy that confounds climate scientists and shoreline experts..." 2018-12-04 With renewed pledge on renewables, Connecticut at solar milestone CT Post "Lamont has said he wants to streamline permitting to spur more solar arrays at warehouses, parking lots and brownfield sites, among other possibilities...[and]] would protect funding for the Connecticut Green Bank that has been emulated in other states as a way to finance projects..." 2018-12-04 New Haven College Cuts Ribbon On 770 kW Solar Carport System Solar Industry "The project is expected to offset approximately 30% of Albertus Magnusƍ annual electricity consumption." 2018-12-04 "Idiosyncrasies Of Connecticut EV Rebates - The Politics Of Dealerships & State EV Incentives? Clean Technica "As of October 15th, 2018, the fully electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) requirements are increasing and the max rebate amount for a BEV is being decreased. On the face of it, this could be seen as a natural expression of the maturation of the EV market and good dynamic state policy. The specifics and timing are not so sweet smelling, however, and may be due to some dealerships having a very powerful voice in the state." 2018-12-04 Environmental Groups Appeal Energy Sweeps Ruling CT Post "We are confident in our legal arguments that a contractual relationship existed between the state and the ratepayer who paid into the energy programs, and that the sweep of the funding was an unconstitutional and illegal tax that has harmed the plaintiffs and other ratepayers." 2018-12-04 Conn. Uses VW Settlement To Upgrade Diesel Vehicles WHSU " When you look at the lifetime cost, electric vehicles have a challenge in having high upfront costs, but really over the lifetime cycle they're much more cost-effective. The fact that we had two[[electric vehicle proposals] out of 56 bids shows us that we need to work more to get the word out about the long-term benefits, both in terms of reducing emissions and cost savings." 2018-11-27 Connecticut utility regulators say Millstone Nuclear Power Plant 'at risk' of closing New Haven Register "Dominion Energy, the Virginia-based company that owns Millstone, has claimed for several years that economic conditions in the nation’s energy markets are making it difficult for the utility to keep operating the plant if it not allowed to compete for lucrative long-term contracts that are awarded to the winners of the zero-carbon auction." 2018-11-27 E4TheFuture Connecticut Gains Clean Energy Leadership E4 the Future Lamont has pledged to "support our state's Energy Efficiency Fund and Green Bank" and to "never support a budget that raids these programs." 2018-11-27 Connecticut, cautiously, weighs potential for modern electric grid Hartford Business Journal "One investment that's considered by many to be mandatory for modernization is installing smart meters, which can send and receive data from the utility company, allowing for more frequent usage data than the typical once-a-month manual meter read." Connecticut ranks 38th in smart meter deployment. 2018-11-27 USA: Five new state governors aim for 100% renewables PV Magazine And Connecticut's own Ned Lamont is one of them. 2018-11-20 CT laying groundwork for next green wave: Hydrogen cars Hartford Business Journal " With several hydrogen passenger vehicles now on the market, and more expected over the next decade, industry observers say it's not a question of whether the cars will eventually proliferate on Connecticut roads, but at what pace." 2018-11-20 Middlesex Community College unveils new solar energy system in Middletown New Haven Register "The new energy system will reduce MxCC's reliance on utility-generated power and is expected to offset about 8.5 percent of the annual electricity consumption on campus, saving an average of $11,000 per year over the next 20 years, according to a press release." 2018-11-20 CT grants $12.2M from VW settlement fund for clean air projects Hartford Business Journal "There was stiff competition for the first round of funding. In July, DEEP received 56 applications from non-government and government entities under its new VW Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program. Projects were prioritized based on air pollution reduction, cost, impact and applicant cost sharing." 2018-11-20 How clean is hydrogen? Hartford Business Journal "...the Hydrogen Council — a global coalition of energy, transportation and industrial companies, including Air Liquide — has committed to completely decarbonizing hydrogen production by 2030." 2018-11-20 CT electric generation rates on the rise Hartford Business Journal "The so-called standard service generation rate for electricity will tick up to 10.14 cents per kilowatt hour for Eversource customers (from 9.08 cents in the first six months of 2018) and 11.22 cents for United Illuminating customers (from 9.66 cents)." 2018-11-20 Acadia Center's Offshore Wind Comment Letter to PURA Acadia Center The letter outlines the reasons that 30+ organizations, including ECGA and PACE, support Connecticut's proposed 200 MW offshore wind project. 2018-11-14 Amid funding cuts, Enfield manufacturer finds energy-efficiency program a worthy investment Hartford Business Journal This showcase project reveals the value of energy efficiency to individual businesses, the need to restore funds to CT efficiency programs, and some surprising facts about Eversource's efficiency efforts. 2018-11-14 FuelCell inks power agreement for Hartford project Hartford Business Journal "Affordably addressing both the distributed energy and sustainability needs of the utilities and the state of Connecticut is an attractive value proposition offered by FuelCell Energy." Producing the hydrogen with renewable energy would make such projects much more attractive. 2018-11-14 Avangrid 3Q earnings climb 26% Hartford Business Journal Here's what's interesting: the increase is due to growth in its renewables business. 2018-11-14 Solar array unveiled at MCC promises big savings Journal Inquirer "The system is the first and largest of nine solar projects to be installed at campuses throughout the CSCU system, and is expected to provide 45 percent of MCC’s total electricity while saving an estimated $220,000 annually." 2018-11-14 ISO-NE looks to incorporate storage into real-time energy markets Utility Dive Setting up the mechanism for utilities to pay owners of battery storage for the services batteries can provide to the New England grid will hasten the spread of storage. 2018-11-14 Judge rejects claims state official illegally raided energy efficiency funds to balance budget New Haven Register "This (ruling) definitely makes it clear that we need to have the legislature undo their own bad actions..." 2018-11-06 Connecticut Explores its Energy Future at CPES Event RTO Insider "Battery storage, energy efficiency and offshore wind dominated the discussion..., along with the question: Who pays for all this progress?" 2018-11-06 Lamont during Cheshire campaign stop: Renewable energy 'what our future is about' "Let's go back to funding the Green Bank, let's go back to funding the energy efficiency fund," Lamont said. "That would be a real priority in our first year." 2018-11-06 MIT-Yale team spots revelation in Connecticut solar market Newstimes "...researchers found that sales were highest in towns where 'solar ambassadors' touted the benefits of their own systems to neighbors, versus outsiders selling photovoltaic systems." 2018-11-06 Pay close attention to your ballot on Election Day. CT Fund for the Environment "Not only will you be voting for elected officials, you have the opportunity to vote YES on two important questions." 2018-11-06 Connecticut gets first community solar array from Clean Energy Collective and C-TEC Solar Solar Power World This is one of four projects that are part of CT's pilot shared solar program. In 2018, the legislature authorized a full scale program, but regulations need to be written before it can be fully rolled out in 2019 or 2020. 2018-11-06 Vote Green The Chronicle Search for candidates who will vote for green legislation. Vote for life, for yourself, your grandchildren and future generations. 2018-11-06 Malloy: Climate change not getting enough attention in governor race News 12 Connecticut "Democratic candidate Ned Lamont has been pushing renewable energy, including wind and solar power." Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski says that the private sector, not taxpayers, must take the lead on addressing climate change. 2018-10-30 For Connecticut cybersecurity officer, renewables mean new risks Energy News Network "As we move off conventional sources of energy to more wind, more solar, we've got to make sure new energy sources are as well protected or better protected than the ones we replace."" 2018-10-30 Voters to decide if state should create 'legal lockbox' for transportation costs CT Mirror Reducing traffic congestion leads to less air pollution and healthier communities. Less congestion also results in lower greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier climate. 2018-10-30 Climate Change A Moving Target In Governor's Race CT News Junkie "Lamont has stated that transitioning to a sustainable energy future will create thousands of new jobs in the green economy - not destroy jobs as the Trump administration alleges." 2018-10-30 The electric car comes of age, right when we need it CT Mirror "Utilities are awakening to the fact that the electrics car could be their biggest new market since air-conditioning,...with much charging [being] done at night, when the grid has plenty of capacity. (Charging in multi-unit an issue; some municipalities are rewriting building codes to require charging infrastructure.) 2018-10-30 Stage Set for Solar Comeback in Massachusetts Solar Energy Industries Association As CT continues to develop its solar policies, Massachusetts provides some lessons. These include rules that increase community solar and reduce fixed fees. 2018-10-23 Air Liquide completes hydrogen fueling station in Hartford Hartford Business Journal The first of many? 2018-10-23 Energy Fund Raids...a costly mistake your legislators can fix. CT Fund for the Environment "Tell your state senator and representative not to raid these [efficiency] funds again and to return the money to ensure cleaner air, lower bills, and economic growth. Together we can fix the mistakes of the past." 2018-10-23 What To Know About The Transportation Lockbox Question On Connecticut's Ballot WNPR "There is an overwhelming amount of people that are in support of this -- polling was like 75 percent -- but, you've got to make sure that people understand there is a question on that ballot and to make sure that they answer that ballot." Be sure to VOTE YES on Nov 6! 2018-10-23 Norwich tinkerer takes on do-it-yourself solar energy system The Day A feel good story with insights into process of installing solar. 2018-10-23 Could a new paint-on finish replace air conditioning? Passive Daylight Radiative Cooling is an ancient idea that's about to make a big comeback. 2018-10-23 Southington Wants Solar Panels On New Senior Center Roof Hartford Courant The town expects to start saving money as soon as the installation is completed. Five earlier solar projects on town buildings set the stage for another one. 2018-10-23